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We sell traffic to businesses all over the web. The existing network we have built and sell from is over 3 years old and is by far the largest we have built to date. It currently comprises over 25 owned sites, 6 owned adservers and dozens of network partners/publishersdelivering well over 1 million visitors daily.

For those of you new to traffic purchasing:
We sell both RAW and 1/12-hour and 1/24-hour Unique real visitors to your site delivered via a popunder from sites in our owned or affiliated networks.

We have placed code (and pay publishers with high traffic sites to place code) to produce a popunder as visitors enter or leave their site. This window loads under the existing the window unknown to the visitor. As the window opens a request is sent to our adserver script which holds the information for the sites of our advertisers.

An advertisers URL loads in the window, the visitor closes the browser window he/she was surfing, and THERE IT IS--another browser window loaded under the one the visitor has closed containing YOUR SITE!

We try to keep RAW traffic counting at 4-6 hour unique count but DO NOT guarantee it. That does not mean they can not see the site more than that because we have no control over whether a visitor returns to your site to see it again or reloads the page BUT THEY ARE ONLY COUNTED UNIQUE AGAIN AGAINST YOUR CAMPAIGN AS SUCH

Our 1/12 Unique Traffic visitor will see your site once in any 12-hr period.

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Expired Domain TrafficBulk Traffic

This traffic allows for the display of your single advertising page/website without Sound, ActiveX, Popup Ad or an exit Popup window. No viruses, hate or adult.

Source Volume Targeting Price  
Raw Worldwide 1 Million Untargeted, non-unique $400.00

Worldwide 500K Untargeted, non-unique $250.00

Raw US-Only 1 Million Untargeted, non-unique $550.00

US-Only 500K Untargeted, non-unique $350.00

Keyword TrafficBulk Traffic allowing for Sound, ActiveX or Exit Popup on your page

This traffic allows for the display of your single advertising page/website with an exit Popup window, an ActiveX event or Automatic Sound. No viruses, hate, adult.

Source Volume Targeting Allowing for Restricted Content Price  
Raw Worldwide 1 Million Untargeted, non-unique Sound, Popup or Active X $550.00

Worldwide 500K Untargeted, non-unique Sound or Exit Popunders $350.00

US-Only 1 Million Untargeted, non-unique Sound, Popup or Active X $675.00

US-Only 500K Untargeted, non-unique Sound or Exit Popunders $450.00

Delivery from our Bulk Traffic Servers is scheduled for 90 days.

Please request a special quote HERE if you need it faster



  • We have regular and No Restriction visitors. No Restriction campaigns allow for sound, additional popups, or ActiveX controls.

  • Our 'Regular' campaigns allow for NO OTHER window other than your website itself be displayed--NO popups, popunders, popins, slideins, download prompts, java windows, or the like

  • NO background noise, no browser-altering code, no frame-breakers, no hate, illegal, adult, warez, hackz, spyware, adware, or viruses.

  • Our pricing is the best anywhere and ask that you stick by our rules.

  • We provide stats and they serve as final count since 3rd party tracking systems prove unreliable. Our stats prove as final authority and ONLY server side stats where we are allowed full access to review may serve for consideration of added traffic if stats differ by 75% or more.

  • THIS IS REAL TRAFFIC AND YOUR BANDWIDTH AND LOAD WILL INCREASE! You MUST know the limitations of your hosting/site as we hold NO liability for site loss, hosting loss, downtime, additional fees OR any other hosting/site issues related to this traffic. The ONLY refunds available are for traffic not delivered in time specified due to our mistake and will be prorated on amount purchased versus amount undelivered.